Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sandie is my best friend and therapeutic

Sandie is getting her AKC Canine Citizenship Award

I’m so very thankful for my present dog, Sandie, who is 12 years young because I was able to rescue her on her last day alive at the dog pound and she’s become the dog I could not live without.  She spent 7 years at my side in bed (when I was totally disabled) and seemed to know  exactly what I needed and when.  
Sandie in her harness!

I wish I could just give her the title of Therapy Dog because on her visits to the nursing home to be with my Mother In Law, she would know exactly how to behave and how to cheer her up on any given day!  Even up until the last day that Sandie saw my MIL alive, she jumped up on her bed and Mom would pet her.

My Mother In Law, Shirley.

Residents of the facility would be in the hallway in the their wheelchairs for lunch and asking (louder than the person next to the them,) to please let Sandie come to them so that they could pet her!  This went on for 3 years.  We were able to do this at the onset because her door was the first one in the corridor.  Then when she needed more nursing care and moved, they said to please continue doing this because of the way that Sandie behaved herself so well in the facility!

Sandie, my husband and I for a family shot!

Sandie is really the best dog I could ever have.  She and I have a relationship which includes best friend, soul mate, and so many other relationships that are genuinely close including mother and daughter!

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  1. Sandie really is the perfect dog and we are really lucky to have been adopted by her.


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