Friday, October 18, 2013

BlogPaws October Adopt a Pet Month: Infographic and information

BlogPaws Adopt a Pet Month Infographic: October 2013BlogPaws

You should be surrounded by ads on streets, on billboards, in your mail, in pet stores (that don't sell animals) and yes even PetCo and PetSmart, on blogs, on ads on the Internet, etc... for the NEED to adopt your pet.  

Blogpaws is an incredible source of material, stories, contests, blog articles (by my friend, Robbi Hess!) for those of you who would like to consider adopting your first fur baby to your continued efforts to adopt all throughout your life.

I belong to so many adoption groups on FaceBook, the Internet and by postal mail (although I have to say that it never bothers me to throw out the please for money for some organizations that will rename nameless) because I am part of the SOLUTION, not the problem.   All of my animals throughout my adult life have been adopted!  I used to be a guinea pig rescue with my husband and some wonderful volunteers until we sold our house and moved to the beach 11 years ago.  We also fostered dogs and that helps in the adoption process too!

Sandie (see the name of this blog) is our 11 year old Sharpei mix and we are her FURever home!  We adopted her from a kill shelter 9 years ago and she is the star of our lives.  She is standing in the aisle of Pet Co. posing before  getting her "icecream" aka Frozen Yogurt for dogs.  

 Here she is enjoying her yogurt while my husband enjoys a cup of coffee while having his date with his daughter! 

Your life can literally go from zero to HERO when you adopt a pet.  I know that Sandie has been with me (faithfully) through many ups and downs in my life over the past 9+ years. 

So as you look at the infographic, you can see how important is to be part of the solution and not the problem.  I hope to hear comments about your pets have affected your life or the life of a friend (if you don't have any pets).

I am currently reading the book, Shelter Dogs and will be reviewing it on this blog soon.   You can click on the image to be taken to the book for sale.

If you want to be changed by the stories of lives of shelter dogs, or cats, or any pet really....  just GOOGLE the words, homeless animals or shelter animals and you can't help but find a rescue near you.

Here is a film that was made about SHELTER DOGS that you may want to find for you to see.  And here are the RESOURCES for shelter dogs (and cats and other animals) 

Please adopt this month, or ANY month!  Thank you!

  Day 18 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge


  1. Hi! I took in my mom's poodle when she died, and adopted a rescue cat a while back. Most of the time they act like little kids that like to pick at each other, but they also look out for each other. Rescue pets are the best! Thanks for spreading the word.

  2. What gets me is why people need to pay hundreds of dollars for 'pure bred' dogs when there are so many dogs that need a good home that would cost far less. That never made any sense to me.


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