Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Labor Day from me! Halloween Bash for Pets is being planned now!

Huh?  Oh yeah, HAPPY LABOR DAY to the USA Pets and Humans!

 What am I going to do today?  Find out what Labor Day means to pets and then....

Showing off with my daddy!

Go outside and show off my Labor Day Scarf?  I know what this means...  next is HALLOWEEN and I'm sponsoring a HALLOWEEN DOG COSTUME BASH here on this blog!  I've got to talk with mommy and daddy and find out what we are giving away!  I think because I'm a dog I will do this one for dogs and I already have a couple of items that give 100% of the sale to the   I love military dogs! 

Now I was laboring in my thoughts and sleep!

Do you have pictures for an interview with me?  That's the only LABORING that I'm doing today.   Seeking pets to be interviewed.  Or WILDLIFE Animals!

And get those Halloween pictures ready for the month of October, please?  If you have some that you would like to submit, please send to and I'm looking forward to seeing you in your costumes!  Mommy already has a funny wig and the rest of her costume is on order now!  And mine is coming!

This is one year I got to be dressed up the way I wanted!

I'm rocking this shot if I have to say so myself!  This year I'm going to be dressing up with more to wear! 

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  1. You remind me so much of my little boy I had to give up, he was a shar pei mix too and so sweet. I dressed my dog Jessie up about 2 years ago. We didn't have a costume so I sprayed her with colorful hair dye you get at Halloween and we called her "Graffitti Dog". Was a lot of fun a couple people said we had a New York dog and when we ran into the police while out trick or treating the kids reported their dog as being "tagged" with spray paint!


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