Tuesday, September 24, 2013

3 Tips I can share with my local shelter about how they can use Social Media better

My local shelter is Camarillo Animal Control, California.  I was rescued from there on my kill date.  My parents say that they like the page on FaceBook.  They linked up to them on Twitter.  And the following outlets:  Our local paper, Animal Match Rescue Team, PetStyle.com .  I know that over the years several local rescues have offered to show direct links to the shelter animals and the above ones were successful in doing this! They also have a PetFinder site.

I am glad that my friends in the Camarillo Animal Control have this much visibility. 

One tip I would say to them is that they could use a Pinterest.com page with boards of their available dogs, cats, and other animals.  They need to keep it fresh and up to date all the time.

A second tip I would share with them is the need for a friendly blog which interacts with the community at large here in Ventura County, California and the Internet community.

The page that they have now is  http://www.vchca.org/animal-services/   and it is better than it used to be.

The third tip I would suggest is that the animals need animal interaction with people pictures so that the adopters will want to adopt the dogs, cats, large and small animals.  This shows that the pets (mainly pit bulls and chihuahuas) that are available.  If they would take them outside (if medically safe) the pictures near some flowers or blooming bushes would be really nice.

My parents found me on the animal regulation page of available pets.  I'm so glad that they rescued me  9 years ago!  My mom says that I'm a young 11 year old.

In searching for a second rescue dog, my parents wanted to try breed rescue since they wanted to try and get another companion dog that would be my sister and in their shelter is the beagle mix dog that we adopted on Friday, Sept. 27th!

Meet Darcie!  She's a Beagle Mix.


  1. Wonderful ideas for any shelter looking ot increase adoption-and I hope you get your cutie Beagle Mix, soon!

  2. Great tips for Pinterest! I need to check out my local shelter.


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