Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Welcome to Sandie and Friends!

Welcome to my blog!  I am Sandie!  I will be interviewing my current dog friends and dogs I hope to meet!  The above picture is my mom and dad with me.  They are my BEST FRIENDS! They rescued me on my PTS date at the kill "shelter."  My mom and dad don't think that the two words go together.  How can you shelter a dog and then PTS?  I will show adoptable dogs in my area and Los Angeles.  My heart really goes out to them!

I love Saturdays when I clean my teeth!

I will also share about my favorites and my friend's favorites.  I won't be telling you what dog food to feed your dog or tell you anything that isn't polite.  I'm a happy dog and want to be with happy people visitors and get to know your dog (or cat! or horse! or any animal)  I used to live with guinea pigs and then I got too curious so when the last one went to the bridge, my parents didn't bring anymore.  I also had a fish brother and fish sister.  They were fat and when they died they went to live in the garden!  I am pro adoption, pro dog rights (do cats understand that I have the right to chase them??) and I'll share a lot more with you as we go day by day!

Prancer, my dog friend who is Blind.

Can you see which of these animals is Prancer?

"BEAR" and the guinea pig rescue my parents used to have

Bear's puppies (great ending to a story about Bear)

Tina on her favorite spot on the couch!  This was in 2004 and she was a Basenji Lab mix.

My mom loves to SCRAPBOOK about me and the rest of her family!  She made this page about me when I first came to be their dog!

I will also share about dog rescuing and other animal rescuing.  I am a Sharpei Mix (my vet. said that some is Labrador mixed in me!)  I am not a Sharpei Pit Bull  (but I love pits!)  The people who live at the beach with me used to be afraid of my gentle leader as they used to think that it was a muzzle on me so now I have a harness and nothing goes across my face except for kisses from my parents and other dogs! 

I want to announce that in October, I will be having a PHOTO CONTEST with prizes for the DOG with the best Halloween Costume!  I think I will be wearing this wig!

I wub wub wub this wig!


  1. Oh my goodness! What a cute post!

  2. Looking forward to hearing all your stories. But I don't know about that wig!!

  3. So so cute Carolyn, I loved this being written in doggie voice. Thank you.

    I am from UBC, so nice to meet you. Come and visit me some time http://wendy643.wordpress.com/

    Namaste with Unity "Love" Consciousness,
    Wendy Baudín
    Self-Love Sherpa and Wisdom Guide

  4. Hey, I can’t find an email address here. Would it be possible for you to email me back so I can ask you a question?


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