Sunday, August 25, 2013

Talk to the animals

Rex Harrison in Doctor Dolittle, 1967

I thought I'd share something that my mom plays for me!  I used to talk to our guinea pigs, horses, and ostrich! 

My mommy and me talking to a horse!

My dad petting and talking to a horse!
My dad talking and feeding the ostriches!
Just some information about the ostriches at this ostrich farm that we all went to.  My dad held me up to see the ostrich.  That was weird!


"Oh, if I could talk to the animals, just imagine it
Chatting with a chimp in chimpanzee
Imagine talking to a tiger, chatting with a cheetah
What a neat achievement it would be

If we could talk to the animals and learn their languages
Maybe take an animal degree
I'd study elephant and eagle, buffalo and beagle
Alligator, guinea pig and flea

I would converse in polar bear and python
I would curse in fluent kangaroo
If people asked me, "Can you speak rhinoceros?"
I'd say, "Of courserous, can't you?"

If I conferred with our furry friends, man to animal
Think of the amazing repartee
If I could walk with the animals and talk with the animals
Grunt, squeak and squawk with the animals
And lord, they could talk to me

If I could talk to the animals
Think what fun we'd have asking over crocodiles for tea
Or maybe lunch with two or three lions, walruses and sea lions
What a lovely place the world would be

If I spoke slang to orangutan, oh
The advantages, any fool on earth can plainly see
Discussing Eastern art and dramas with intellectual llamas
That's a big step forward you'll agree

I'd learn to speak in antelope and turtle
My Pekingese would be extremely good
If I were asked to sing in hippopotamus
I'd say, "Whynotamous and I would"

If you stop and think of it, there's no doubt of it
I could win a place in history
If I could walk with the animals and talk with the animals
Grunt, squeak, squawk with the animals
And they could squeak and squawk and speak and talk to me

They would talk to me, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
The animals and me, can't you see me with them?
We're walking like friends
Talking like [Incomprehensible]"
 Writer: Bricusse, Leslie
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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  1. I used to talk to my hamster, Dizzy. He sadly passed away earlier this year :( xx

  2. Great post. I constantly talk to animals too

  3. We not only talk to our animals, but we name our animals and birds. Mind you, we have no pets. These are the cats that wander thru our yard,Big Boy, or have litter of kittens aka Mama Cat; the owl who swoops down from time to time..We named him Solomon. The turtle who meanders across the yard once or twice a Moses. The dove couple is affectionately called "the dove brothers", even tho they are male and female. Great post...animals add so much to our lives...

  4. Sandie also liked the horse carriage that went by the patio of our hotel tome


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