Friday, August 23, 2013

May I Interview your Pet?

This is me and dad when I graduated from Obedience School and became an AKC Good Citizen! 

Do you have a pet I could interview?  If so, please add me as a friend at FaceBook and then in private please tell me your email address please?  Please send to my mom at:  

Click here if you would like to be my friend on FaceBook!  Thanks!

Here are the questions so you are not too nervous!  Please don't answer these on the comments, I need all the interviews I could get.  Does someone think you could get me an INTERVIEW with the President's Dogs?  Wooo hooo!

    (I need pictures of you and your human parents!)

Who is in the main photo with you?  Who took the photo?

Where and when and what was the occasion?

How did you get your name?  Any nicknames?

How did you and your human parents come together?

When you go for a ride, who sits in the front seat and who sits in the back and why?

Favorite foods?
Favorite treats?
Any favorite pals in the house or outside the house?

What is the pecking order in your home?

Favorite toys?
Any stories to tell?

What is your human parent/s best quality?
Can you show it in a photo?  
If you were to hide a time capsule in the back yard or on your property, what main item would go in there and why?  What would the message to the future say?  
Favorite tv show?
Favorite human food and why?
Who was your favorite Presidential pet?
And finally, if you could speak English or your human native’s language what would you tell or ask?
Any other photos?
(Thank you for taking the time to have this interview from your pet’s point of view!)

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