Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Interview! Bailey Connolly (of Joe and Cathy Connolly, authors!) Aug. 22, 2013

Who is in the main photo?  Mom, Dad, my brother Booth and ME!  Who took the photo? My Uncle took the photo.

Where and when and what was the occasion?  It was taken in our back yard last summer for the book Mom and Dad wrote called “If I Should Die Before My Dog”.

How did you get your name?  The name I had when Mom and Dad got me was “Wilma” my Mom hated it and felt that I needed a cute name, then my Dad came up with “Bailey” and Mom and I really liked it!  Any nicknames?  Yes, I have LOTS of nicknames!  A couple of them are, Bunny,(cause I’m so small) and Bailey-Kins.

How did you and your human parents come together?  My Mom had another furkid named Ashley, Mom had her for a very long time.  Dad rescued Ashley and took her home.   When Ashley went to Rainbow Bridge Mom was very sad for a long time.  A couple years later she told Dad she really wanted another little one, then they found ME~

When you go for a ride, who sits in the front seat and who sits in the back and why?  I get to sit in the front with Mom and Dad and Booth sits in the back because he’s SOOOO big!

Favorite foods?  My favorite food is hamburger.

Favorite treats?  Is Ice Cream!!!

Any favorite pals in the house or outside the house? Yes, Mom and Dad LOL

What is the pecking order in your home?  I’m the “Boss”, Booth is a brat dog and “Lily” is our princess kitty.  They both make me mad sometimes because I don’t want them to think they can take over the house!
               See, Booth likes to get in MY BED!!

Favorite toys?  My favorite toy is my “Mousey”, she’s purple and she has squeakers all over inside and I have to find them!

Any stories to tell?  No not really, other than I love my life with my Mom and Dad!

What is your human parent/s best quality?  How much they love me and protect me!

Can you show it in a photo?  

Here’s my Christmas presents, my new coat and my frog pillow, AND my stocking full of treats!!

If you were to hide a time capsule in the back yard or on your property, what main item would go in there and why? Probably I would put in one of my really tiny crocheted balls in there.  What would the message to the future say?  Hope someone still makes these so you can have one.  If not, sorry bout’ your luckSmile

Favorite tv show?  Any of the dog programs on Animal Planet!

Favorite human food and why?  Hamburger, because it tastes SOOO GOOD!

Who was your favorite Presidential pet?  I like BO.

And finally, if you could speak English or your human's native language what would you tell or ask?  First I would Thank them for taking me, my life was so scary, I had 5 homes before my first birthday.  I never knew if someone took me in the car if I would go home or they were giving me away again.  Then I was scared when I first met Mom and Dad and they did take me away again, BUT I now, because of them, have my forever home.  Mom tells me everyday how much she loves ME~

Any other photos?

Here. I’m making sure the sheets don’t go without ME!

 I like to check on Mom’s gardens, to make sure my brother Booth hasn’t messed them up!

SANDIE:  Wow Bailey you are a wonderful dog and have a nice pet and human family!  Thank you for the interview and we will have to invite Booth for one too!


  1. You are such a cute little doggie! I'm sure your Mom and Dad receive so much joy from you!!!

  2. Oh! This was such an adorable and sweet story. Thank you Carolyn and Bailey for sharing your life with us. Very very sweet.

    I am from UBC, so nice to meet you. Come and visit me some time

    Namaste with Unity "Love" Consciousness,
    Wendy Baudín
    Self-Love Sherpa and Wisdom Guide

  3. So cute. Have you read the book "A Dog's Purpose?" You really must. It's written from the point of view of a dog.

    1. Yes! I have :) I also bought both books for my veterinarian! But that's not what inspired me, it was looking at my dog and wondering what she would say if she could talk! She always looks at me a lot and is so sweet. Thank you for reading and commenting!


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